Walmart Business Credit Card

Walmart Business Credit Card Overview

The Walmart Business Credit Card is in-store charge card offered to small and mid-sized businesses. The card is designed to help credit card users keep track of their spending by separating their business and personal expenses. You can use the card to make

purchases at Walmart and have the convenience to receive an itemized statement.

Benefits of the Walmart Business Credit Card

Having a Walmart Business Credit Card is a convenient way to have your employees buy things that you need for your business from Wal-Mart without using cash. All of your monthly spending is nicely bundled into one monthly credit card statement report. This is a very valuable information for any business operator because it actually categorizes spending, so that at a glance you can see what you've spent money on for the month and year-to-date.

If you often buy supplies from Walmart for your business, this card may offer a convenient way to manage your personal and business expenses and finances. You can pay your card balance in full on or before the due date or you can pay it off at your own convenience. There is No Annual Fee and No Overlimit Fee for the card. Additionally, Zero Fraud Liability protects you from unauthorized and fraudulent charges on the card.

Walmart Business Credit Card Weaknesses

The card can only be used at Walmart. With a 14.8% variable APR (annual percentage rate) for purchases, business owners should weigh the interest costs involved before deciding if this is the right card for their business. This is especially important factor to consider if the balance is not going to be paid off in full by the due date. There are No rewards offered for using the card. To qualify it usually requires excellent credit rating. There is a 24.99% delinquency interest rate.

Walmart Business Credit Card Details:

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Overlimit Fee: $0
  • Zero Fraud Liability
  • No Rewards Offered
  • 14.8% variable-rate APR
  • Excellent Credit Required
  • Late Payment Fee: $15 or $29
  • Minimum Interest Charge: $1.00
  • 24.99% Delinquency APR Interest Rate
The Walmart Business Credit Card Conclusion

If your make frequent business purchases from Wal-Mart, having a Walmart Business Credit Card may help you manage your finances and protect you by having your employees make purchases from Wal-Mart without using cash.

If you are planning to carry a balance on the card in order to finance your business operations you should consider a 14.8% variable APR (annual percentage rate) for purchases because some of the other business credit cards on the market offer 0% introductory interest rate generally speaking anywhere from six months to one year.

For frequent purchases from Wal-Mart applying for a Walmart MasterCard may be a better choice for you, because it offers rewards and discounts on some of your purchases plus the added convenience of having a MasterCard Credit Card that can be used almost anywhere.

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